curious interview of the day

10 12 2010

I read PakPassion’s interview of the Pakistan cricket team’s kit suppliers, Boom Boom and it reminded me of something I first realized when I read this excellent interview of David Dwyer, then Pakistan trainer who did a wonderful job but wasn’t paid for months: the PCB screws up so many, so big and so often that it’s easy to ignore not only their smaller, lower-profile injustices, but also the unique challenges of working with them in any role.

Anyway, if you were wondering which fashion-savvy octogenarian from the PCB management is calling the shots on the national team’s kit design, this should narrow it down:

“The designs which we showed them before T20 World Cup were totally different but it was decided by, at that time it was Mr Yawar Saeed and Shafqat Rana who changed the design and they said we have the responsibility and we have the rights to choose the design, and as kit suppliers you can only provide and choose the fabric.”

Yawar Saeed: “So, olive or pistachio green?” | Shafqat Rana: “Hmm, I liked the forest.” |  Kamran Akmal: “‘WTF are you guys talking about, I told you I’m not wearing Umar’s lipstick.” Photo credit: Getty Images


I don’t know about you, but this reminds me of bitchy authoritarianism at lunchtime in primary school.

Some more WTF quotes from the interview:

“The colours for 2011 will be changing pretty soon, so it will be back to that dark green, hopefully if the board decides, because that was our original option for the 2010 World Cup as well but they said we won 1 World Cup in the lime green so lets go and try that again, so let’s see.”

Yeah, let’s see. *Praying really hard the lime-green kit wasn’t the beginning and the end of our team strategy*

On Amir:

“I did manage to get through (to him) and ask him what was going on, he sounded very positive and I told him your contract is still there.”

People will really never stop talking about him, right? (Imran Khan revealed in a World Cup unveiling ceremony yesterday that Pakistan absolutely needed Amir for the World Cup, that he was the best young talent he’s seen, and that he was streets ahead of Wasim Akram. Just kill me now).

On the impact of the spot-fixing fiasco:

“We were reviewing our contract with our lawyers. I was under a lot of pressure to terminate our contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board.”

On professionalism:

“At times it gets tough for us because there is suddenly (something) like if you look at Zulqairnan’s case, he suddenly left the team and there is a new guy coming in, he might not be wearing Zulqairnan’s size. He could be taller, smaller, wider, whatever. So if you need to prepare (a) kit for him we need to know his name at least.”




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