Shoaib and Razzaq funnies before the 2011 World Cup

7 05 2013

There’s been a series of some excellent interviews with Ramiz Raja as a build-up to the (2011) World Cup. This episode with Shoaib Akhtar and Abdul Razzaq was my favourite.

Part 1: (actually a later part?)

At 0:32, Shoaib and Razzaq dismiss the need for computer analysis. “If you can’t learn from bowling what will you learn from the computer?”
At 1:52: Razzaq has the best sense of humour and Waqar gets bothered by it the most.

At 5:41 – Shoaib & Razzaq complain about how sakht the training camp is, cute. “Sardiyoan mai garmi lagi hui hai.” Shoaib also jokes about the age and dull lifestyle of the coaches cramping his style.
At 6:16 Shoaib: Mai ek shareef larka hoon
At 6:50 Razzaq talks about Zulqarnain. Mujhay toh uss nay lift hee nahi karayi. Mentally abnormal lagta hai.
(Wtf is “charray charraant”?)

Part 2:
Shoaib at 0:40 talks about his 100mph delivery and how he planned it, using the yard action.
At 3:37, Razzaq talks about how one-down is his preferred batting position as he likes the new ball, but goes on to say he’s okay with 6-7 given the team’s current situation.

At 4:16, Shoaib launches into a praise-attack on Razzaq: “He had fitness, six-pack, beautiful body…”

Razzaq also mentions that he requested the PCB to consider him for the Test side for the England tour but they advised him to concentrate on T20s and ODIs.

Shoaib also talks about the added pressure on the field that comes from the financial insecurity that our newer players face.

Part 3:
Shoaib and Razzaq talking about their nail-biting finish vs. South Africa in Dubai.
Shoaib talks about financial security at the end.
At 10:10 Razzaq talks about what a captain should be: forgiving, sincere and motivating.
Shoaib goes a bit overboard singing Razzaq’s praises at 2:15 and Razzaq has a great reaction in Punjabi. 😛

Part 4: Razzaq at 2:30 talking repeatedly about the need for sincerity to get things like video analysis to really make a difference.

The Punjabi from Razzaq here:
Shoaib: “Razzaq na ho toh mai nets enjoy nahi kar sakta. Mai 14 saal say iss kay saath shararatain kar raha hoon.”

Ramiz: “Razzaq, you always look so cool under pressure. No expressions. Inner strength? Confidence?” Shoaib: “He got married.”

Razzaq: “I’ve been playing for 13 years now, I enjoy pressure.”

Razzaq: I prefer to bat at #3, but 6/7 is fine.

Shoaib: I’m saving myself for the World Cup. The WC glory means a lot to me.

This interview is a riot (but which Shoaib Akhtar interview isn’t): Shoaib makes Ramiz say he’s the alpha-male.

Shoaib’s advice to fast bowlers: “Hyper ho, lekin shoday hyper na ho.”

Shoaib: “The saddest thing about the ’99 WC for me was that the man I idolized – Waqar – was sidelined because of me.”

Shoaib Akhtar on all the 100mph hype: “I’m over and done with it now.” Great interview with Ramiz.




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