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18 12 2010

Since when do you have a blog?? how come I dont know……Nice work…keep it up….And those Show-Ab Actor’s Video montage comes straight as your 2nd post…haha

28 01 2011

Hi Sana!! Its The_Real_Deal!

Nice blog and great articles!! Great read indeed!

31 03 2011

Oooops plethora of information. Analytical and informative both.

15 04 2011
Asim Butt

hey sana, nice article on the mohali match… we (2 boys) came from dubai… and our story is quite interesting as well.. made it against all odds… u gals were rite behind us in that stand… that match & India was so much fun.. still raving abt it to every1 here… hope they start pak-ind series… otherwise colombo for T-20 matches in 2012… ciao

16 04 2011

Hey Asim – glad you enjoyed our story. You should blog about yours too… or share it here! What a fun match, and wasn’t our stand the best? 🙂

17 04 2011
piggly wiggly

Heyas. Got here via a Twitter link via the “How we got to Mohali” post, and then read through most of the other entries as well. Good stuff.
Though I am not much of a cricket watching fan (tend to play occasional cricket with work colleagues on weekends, but not keen on watching), really liked the way you write. Do you write on non-cricket stuff as well?


18 04 2011

Hi Sana,
Loved your article on your trip to Mohali. As a cricket crazy Indian girl, it is wonderful to know that their are similar women on the other side…also, having crossed the India-Pak border several times, I can attest that the only way it is possible is through dedication and a whole lot of luck! Glad that you could make it and I hope you had a good stay in my home…
Wrote an op-ed on the match for the NYTimes/ IHT which I thought would may relate too…


26 04 2011

hi Sana,

Just read this piece. it’ s fantastic….Will you please mail me your email id and a phone no if possible. I work with India Today, a news magazine in India. Would like to share your story in India Today Women. We’ll talk more after i hear from you. I’ve been to Lahore, though not to Karachi and Islamabad…it remains one of my most favourite cities. I spend a beautiful 2 weeks there in 2007.

More after I hear from you.

Thanks and Warm Regards


29 06 2011
Fareed Huda

hi Sana …I working on a report on social media and thought I would ask you for some help. please follow me on twitter so i can send you a msg or google me to find me on FB or LinkedIn.


Fareed Huda

23 09 2011
sunil thadani


this is sunil following you on twitter mxsunil

15 12 2011
Muhammad Hasan Khursheed

Very nice blog, and I remember having read the Mohali Story in DAWN, it is a pleasant surprise to know it was you!

7 02 2012
Farooq Afridi (@FaryAfridi)

goOD but u still need improvement

22 03 2012

Not a cricket Nut for sure!
But your writing made me read that!
so, very nice attempt!

14 08 2012

Sana loving the blog but gutted you have blocked me from your twitter:( Have no idea why as I didn’t even say anything to you. Infact I enjoy reading your tweets!(Kricketkuri)

30 12 2015

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